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  1. Hi bro it's not a bug. The effect was changed during post-balance patch years ago (i think around 2015-2016)
  2. Hi, just wanna report that some updates reset my setting (window size, full screen setting, /aura, etc.). It's a bit incovenient because i have to do setup again. Thank you
  3. I found some vends selling Platinum Bullions with "cheap" price and called it as Platinum Bar. As we know, Platinum Bar can be exchanged to zeny in bar exchanger NPC in prontera, worth 100 millions each. But this is a different item and it's not even worth the price. Just be careful and don't get fooled by the "cheap" word. Share this info with your friends Fake "Platinum Bar" Real "Platinum Bar" Note to the seller : Oh cmon you can do better than this. Think with your brain, not your fckin knees. /swt
  4. I think current patcher isn't good enough. Can make new patcher that at least contains news/changelog? Will be better if there's a menu* like news/update/event and server status Thanks! *example :
  5. Woah i never know we can bowling bash with bow OwO Need to try, thx for your clear guide o(≧▽≦)o
  6. Per jam dapet berapa di sana?
  7. Hello boys, i'm Milzam (this is also my IGN) I've been away from RO for few months and decided to try this server because i saw the livestream from Valhalla90's YT and thought this server is nice. Hope we get along, cheers! ヽ(・∀・)ノ