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  1. Hi, I just wanna report my difficulties in completing Part 1 of the Sign Quest. I'm doing it for fun, but to my surprise I'm quite stressed when dealing with Dearles dancing task (kindly check no. 15 in this link). From some guides that I've read/watched, the 'unhide' effect should appear after I step into the designated floor (indicated by the 'hide' effect) along with a guitar-strum sound, and it guides all the steps on the floor. However, in AvonRO, both effect appears together and doesn't actually guide all the steps (only some of the steps). I've tried following the steps commanded by the NPC, moving according to other forum's guides, and even watching several youtube guides special for this part, but I keep failing it. Idk if it's a bug or I'm just stupid, but would you mind checking on it? I've been haunted by this for the last couple of days, so I'll be grateful if I can finish it (or better, suddenly succeed this no.15 part lol). Thanks for your time reading this shit. IGN that doing this quest: Oboro
  2. For the sake of reward ^^ IGN: Supanci