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  1. is fixed already thanks for sharing with us
  2. Guide APproved! thank you
  3. Nice Guide Approved, thanks for sharing with us
  4. great guide, thanks for sharing to us. Reward On!
  5. fixed thanks ecplise
  6. Guide Approved !
  7. Fixed thank you
  8. guide approved!! thanks for sharing on avonro
  9. Now Mora reset enchantment detect card id below 4700~+, so when you reset enchantment for a new cards inside your shoes will be safe.
  10. fixed
  11. fiixed for the card
  12. confirmed best guide!!! thanks for sharing your knowledge on avonro features
  13. dicoba lagi bro... kalo msh ga bisa kontak saya di discord
  14. run as admin bro coba, atau matiin firewall,antivirus buat test