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  1. the skill isnt affecting mechanics who are using Mado as shown in picture
  2. Hi~ I'm Natsume Current Leader of "Kappa" Guild we're just a small guild we hang around in Amatsu. come and hang around IGN: Refiner Job: Mechanic Level: 175/60
  3. if possible to change max stat of baby 3rd job class from 117 to 120 instead.
  4. damage =(3 * ( Kunai ATK + Weapon Attack + Regular Attack Damage )) * (Skill Level Used + 5) / 5 just found this not sure if its the corrent formula but also it should be counted as Ranged Physical Damage instead of melee
  5. UPDATED Hi~ Im Natsume and this Guide will help you understand "Mechanic" as one of the Many Classes in Ragnarok Online. I'll avoid talking about Mado mechanics as i dont cover them as a mechanic player. Note!! this Guide is about AXE Mechanic as for Mado maybe if i get a +12 Old Driver Band ( Yellow ) but honestly don't count on it. Class Pros: 1. Built-In Hit Increase 2. Negation of Size Penalty through Weapon Perfection 3. Attack & Attack Speed Boosting Skills ( via Solo and Party Play ) 4. Built-In Fire Resistance ( Also Comes with a neat Neutral Resistance ) 5. Weapon Refining ( so you don't need to pay zeny if you're that cheap and also increase success on refining ) 6. Vulnerable to Frozen Status ( only applies to Axe Boomerang Build ) Class Cons: 1. 0 Mobility ( unless you use a mado which i dont recommend ) 2. One of the lowest Flee Rate Class in game 3. Takes a While Before you reach a Scaling Point 4. Not that easy to start with for beginners in Ragnarok 5. Skills eats zeny ( Mamonite, Maximum Power-thrust, High Speed Cart Ram ) the following skills will be most likely used to level a blacksmith unless you plan to leech yourself till you become a mechanic 6. Actually Requires Certain Equipment to be work ( Applies only to Axe Boomerang build as you need Sea Captain hat[1] / Supplement Part STR & Supplement Part DEX [1] ) Life as a Novice Just finish the whole training ground till you reach the fields to get neat items that can carry you through out the game ( not carry till end game but till you get a better hold of the game ) Finally A Con Artist Merchant If you've done the whole training ground marathon ( quest ) you'll actually receive a random mercenary to aid you in battle Leveling as a Con Artist Merchant first of all start things out with /merai this will set your Mercenary AI to custom so you dont have to control it and it'll attack on its own. the safest way to start things off is head to the warper -> dungeons -> payon dungeon. Payon Dungeon is the newbie friendly dungeon. Level 10 - 30 ( Payon Dungeon 1 ) As i have said this is the easiest and friendliest dungeon dungeon your mercenary will most likely 1 shot all monster in the dungeon Level 31 - 76 ( Orc Dungeon 1 ) Best GO TO LEVEL TILL 2nd Job Dungeon it's filled with orc zombies some orc skeleton and some bats your mercenary will take care most of them for you just try to survive and hit some of the zombies yourself Level 77 - 99 ( Glast Heim Churchyard & St.Abbey ) You've Finally become a Blacksmith ( job master can be located a prontera next to the warper ) time to head off to a better leveling spot, well this is one of the dungeons i would recommend in St. Abbey Just go Kill some Evil druids / Wraiths / Mimics Once you reach 85+ you can now head to Churchyard this one is a bit harder than the others since the monster "dark priest" has access to a skill called dark breath ( this skill will always take 50% of your Max HP ex. if u have 1000Hp it'll take 500 and if another one cast it on you you'll take anther 500hp and you'll die simple ) if you made another account or a priest you'll be better using aspersio to endow your weapon with holy element and just Mammonite ( WARNING THIS SKILL EATS 100z - 1k Zeny Per use depending on Skill level ) these Dark Priest to Oblivion. once you hit 99 go back to the job master ( located at prontera ) you can just go repeat everything from level 10 if you wanna buy a mercenary you can buy one at Rental Dealer also found in prontera next to the Main Dealer. Level 100 - 130/140 ( Magma Dungeon ) So you've become a mechanic? hopefully you have some funds or avon coins ( as i said this class requires some funding to be viable ) go buy a Supplement Part DEX & a Supplement Part ( can be bought at @ins Ph. Now head back to the warper and go to magma dungeon get a few levels till you reach job level 6 priority here will be maxing your Axe Boomerang as soon as possible then followed by Axe Tornado, and now you wont be using as much zeny as you did as a merchant to level up from here farm in magma dungeon everything in this map is valuable in NPC ( keep the blue potions tho and oridecons too ) you'll want to say here as long as you can. As for future leveling i really cant give much advice except Gramps Gramps is a simple hunt and turn in leveling system added to ragnarok basically saying "hunt this much then come back here for EXP" you can find gramps at @eden at the very left side just follow the board similar to your base level ( Warning if you wanna mass level in gramps its better not to turn-in the quest once you've completed it since teleporting device will not allow you to enter the hunting field if you turn-in the quest ) Tips for starters > @autoloot everything > Max Discount( DC ) & Overcharge( OC ) "DC to reduce NPC items while OC increase loots price" > always keep an eye on your zeny if you plan to level with mamonite > i'd Recommend doing Eden Quest from Ur ( must be 76 to get the quest thats also inside St.Abbey ) this quest will provide you with a weightless and strong weapon till you reach mechanic Stats ( now to the Juicy Part ) Str - Priority since you'll be using a melee weapon ( but throwing it like a boomerang ) this will increase your overall damage significantly Agi - Faster ASPD faster Throws and increases flee Vit - get atleast a total of 100 ( base vit + bonus vit (these are obtain through getting job levels ) ) to get stun immunity you cant hit if you're stunned Int - least stat you'd wanna invest in you'll have a load of SP as a mechanic anyway ( Int is only good for Arm Cannon / Knuckle Boost Mechanics ) Dex - Priority as well you cant land attacks if you arent accurate despite having a lot of sources of hit from axe master & weapon research ( <- not shown in skill description ) this is a must Luk - decent stat imo 3 luk = 1 atk/matk so just make sure its divisible by 3 GEARS!! ( boy oh boy another juicy party ) Now Lets get to business TOP Sea Captain hat [1] - Reduces Axe Boomerang Skill CD by 1 sec if refined to +9 increases damage of Axe Boomerang / Axe Tornado by 40%. End Game Headgear Requires to be +9 to be useful ( can be purchased at Cash Shop for 6,000 Cash Points ) "literally the only headgear Option if you wanna Play Axe Boomerang Mechanic" Old Driver Band ( Red ) [1] - All Stat + 1 / Max HP + 1% per 2 upgrade levels of the item. / Max SP + 1% per 2 upgrade levels of the item. / Atk + 4 per upgrade level of the item. Mdef + 5/ Aspd + 1 per 5 upgrade levels of the item. / Increases the damage of Axe Tornado by 20% per 2 upgrade levels of the item. /Increases the damage of Power Swing by 20% per 2 upgrade levels of the item. ( this is THE BEST HEADGEAR if you plan to play a Axe Tornado Mechanic better than Sea Captain Hat ) TOP ( middle ) Robo Eye - Adds 1 DEX & 2% atk / matk. Meh not also a fan of it can be better like Angel Spirit which adds Hit in case u come across high flee monsters ( can be purchased at 5,000 Cash Points ) Angel Spirit - Adds 2 STR & 15 Hit. Good Middle Head Gear i'd recommend it due to HIT being a big thing in Renewal ( can be purchased at 4,000 Cash Point ) Black Devil Mask [1] - All Stat +1. Simple good part about it is its slotted ( can be purchased at 5,000 Cash Point ) TOP ( Lower ) Gangster Scarf - Adds 5 ATK enables Gangsters Paradise. no comment really ( Can be purchased at 3,000 Cash Point ) Spiked Scarf - Adds 30 ATK & - 2% HP "When VIP Status is active adds 2% MHP / All Stat +1 / Increase Range Damage by 2%. Definitely Best Lower Headgear you can get ( can be purchased at 5,000 Cash Point ) Cards Marduk Card - Grants Silence Immunity Dark Pinguicula Card - Adds 10 ATK also adds a chance of Dropping Poison herbs ( <- useless unless you're a Guillotine Cross ) Deviruchi Card - Grants Blind Immunity and adds 1 STR Duneyrr Card - Adds 10 ATK also 1% chance of adding 10 Perfect dodge for 4 seconds Essence of Evil Lord STR3 - Adds +4 STR / 12 ATK also - 4 INT Body Armor Supplement Part STR [0] - ATK +5% every 4 Refines ATK +1% When Wearing Supplement Part Dex [1] Axe Boomerang Damage +100% Axe Boomerang Cooldown -2 seconds Abusive Robe [1] - Enables Improve Concentration 1, Bypass Def of Demon/Undead/Demi-Human by 4% per refine ( this has some bonuses on other items but im not gonna add those ) Armor of Airship [0] - MHP +1000 MSP +100 Mdef +10 All Stat +1 Cards Porcellio Card - ATK +25 Def -5 Marc Card - Grants Frozen Immunity ( good for boss that has Wide Freeze or Freeze Skills ) Evil Druic - Endow Armor with Undead Property ( Using this card you'll be immune to frozen & stone curse status but at the cost of taking more fire damage and cant be resurrected ) Garment Airship's Cloak [1] - Flee +20 Reduces Damage Taken from neutral property by 10% ( to be combo with armor & shoes ) Fallen Angel Wing [1] - All Stat +1 [ every 20 of a certain stat "Flat" will give a bonus ] ( im too lazy to list its effects but its the best garment and can be enchanted at @ins general merchant NPC ) *Suggested Effects on FAW are "Expert Archer & Fighting Spirit ( for axe tornado builds )" Cards Menblatt Card - Every 10 DEX adds 1% range damage ( self explanatory we want more Range Damage on Axe Boomerang ) Brown Rat Card - ATK +3 & Increase ASPD by 1% per 10 base STR. If Base STR is 120 or Higher ATK +40. ( still hate aspd% but this is your go to for Axe Tornado Builds ) Raydric Card - Reduces Damage Taken from Neutral Property attacks by 20% ( if you feel like you need more tank stats ) Shoes Temporal DEX boots [0]/[1] - MHP +300 MSP +30. Every 3 Refine Adds MHP +100 MSP +10 DEX +3. If DEX ( flat ) is equal to 120 adds 5% range attack and decrease fix cast time by 0.5 sec Temporal STR boots [0]/[1]/ - MHP +300 MSP +30. Every 3 Refine Adds MHP +100 MSP +10 ATK +7. If STR ( base ) is equal to 120 ATK +50. ( Axe Tornado Builds ) Airship's Boots - AGI +1 ASPD +10% *Suggested Enchants on Temporal Boots are "Expert Archer" for DEX boots & "Fighting Spirit" for STR boots.* Cards Green Ferus Card - MHP +10% Vit +1 Furious/Vicious Cookie Card - ATK/MATK +1% MHP -2% Every 2 Refine Adds ATK/MATK +1% MHP -2% Matyr Card - MHP +10% Agi +1 Ominous Freezer Card - MHP +10% STR +2 Firelock Soldier Card - STR +2 if refined to +9 Adds 10% MHP/MSP Essence of Evil Lord STR3 - Adds +4 STR / 12 ATK also - 4 INT Shields Bradium Shield [1] - Adds 500 HP Agi -1 Valkyrja's Shield [1] - Adds 20% resistance against Water / Fire / Undead / Shadow Attack adds MDEF +5 Mad Bunny [1] - ATK/MATK +5% Reflect 10% of Physical Damage Adds 2% chance of reflecting Magic Attacks for 2 seconds. If +7 ATK/MATK +5 If +9 ATK/MATK +15 If +12 Crit +10 Cast Cannot be Interrupted. Cards Hodremlin Card - Reduce Damage from Small / Medium / Large Monsters by 15% has a chance of adding 30 Perfect dodge for 10 sec when receiving Physical / Magical Attack Khalitzburg Knight - Def +20 Reduce Damage from Medium / Large Monsters by 25% If Combo'd with White Knight Card Adds 5% more reduce damage taken from Medium / Large monster Alice Card - Adds 40% Reduce Damage from Boss Monsters and Adds 40% Damage Taken from Normal Monsters Weapon Crimson Two-Handed Axe [2] - ATK +(Refine*Refine) up to +15 For every 10 Base ( starting at 70 ) adds 5 ATK Grows Stronger as you level and as it gets refined ( may come in different element ) Hurricane Fury [2] - ASPD +1% per refined Reduce Damage Taken from Medium Size Monster by 10% also Reduce Damage Taken from Medium Size Monster by 1% per refine has a Low chance of Auto-Casting Level 5 Pulse Strike when physically attacking. ( can be enchanted @ins Malangdo Merchant ) War Axe [2] - DEX & LUK +2 ( you really just need this to make the best Axe for Mechanic ) Illusion War Axe [2] - STR / DEX / LUK +2 Increase Damage of Axe Boomerang / Axe Tornado / Cart Tornado by 100% if +7 add 20% more if +9 additional 20% more damage ( best Axe ) Tornado Axe [1] - Reduce "Axe Tornado" Skill cooldown by 1second. ( technically weaker than Illusion war axe but the -1second cooldown reduce makes up for it ) Cards White Knight Card - ATK +15, Adds 20% Damage to Medium & Large Monsters. If worn with Khalitzburg Knight Card Adds 15% damage to Medium & Large Monsters. True Howard Alt-Eisen Card - Increase Axe Tornado Damage by 20%. If compounded to Level 4 weapon Adds 20% more. If Refined to +10 or Higher Adds 20% more damage ( total of 60% ) Abysmal Knight Card - Increase Damage to boss monster by 25% Archer Skeleton Card - Range Damage +10% Step Card - Increase Damage of Axe Boomerang by 30% if Weapon is +10 Adds 30% more Accessory Physical Enhancer Ring [1] - ATK +5%. Increase ASPD by 5% when worn with Anti-Magic Suit decrease After Skill Delay by 5%. when worn with Geffen magic robe +5% demi-human resistance. STR Glove [1] - ATK +1 per 10 Base STR. ATK +1% if STR is 110 or Higher Bakonawa Agimatt Tattoo [0] - ATK +7% ASPD +10% Supplement Part Dex [1] - Reduce SP Cost by 10% / Reduce After Cast Delay by 10% / Reduce Variable Cast Time by 10%. When Worn with Supplement Part STR Axe Boomerang Damage increased by 100% and -2 seconds cooldown. ( you only need 1 of these now not 2 ) *enchantable at @Ins Phantasmagorica Merchant* Sarah's Right Earring - Enable Level 1 Teleport ( can be obtained in Sarah & Fenrir Instance can also be enchanted ) "Expert Archer or Fighting Spirit" Cards Gold Scaraba Card - ATK +20 MHP -1% Revolver Buffalo Card - STR +4 ATK +4% ( when worn with Shotgun Buffalo Card STR +3 ATK +3% ) Shotgun Buffalo Card - AGI +7 Hit +7 ( when worn with Revolver Buffalo Card STR +3 ATK +3% ) for anyone curious it'll be a STR +7 ATK +7% if you wear the combo Lets Talk Skills you'll need or atleast prioritize to have as a Axe Mechanic! Core Skills ( Buffs ) Crazy Uproar Adrenaline Rush Weapon Perfection Power Maximize Maximum Power-Thrust Core Skills ( Passives ) Hit Binding Weapon Research Skin Tempering Axe Training Core Skills ( Offensive ) Axe Boomerang Axe Tornado Magma Eruption Skills ( ETC ) Weapon Refine Weapon Repair *Special notes* i really haven't added new cards yet such as the Jitterbug Trio Card / Gigantes Card / Ghost Palace / ETC~, as i haven't tested them myself but the jitterbug trio might be worth getting, as for the mado build im still thinking about it i might go for it for party play but soloing don't bother with it, and here it ends my somewhat a guide to axe mechanic if you have any questions about it feel free to reply or PM me.
  6. better than a AoE Skill that can crit either way i got no complain at the current oni horns on the server since it follows divine-pride
  7. i'd rather have it auto cast dark claw than counter slash since counter slash is a pretty strong AOE when its being treated as auto-cast skill, and also also they are following divine-pride~
  8. i would like to suggest to let Super Novices wear them too